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“American Buffalo”

Starring: Cedric The Entertainer and John Leguizamo

Special Offer: Buy one ticket and get the next for 5 cents!

“DAVID MAMET's masterpiece, AMERICAN BUFFALO, directed by Tony Award® winner ROBERT FALLS (Death of a Salesman, Long Day's Journey into Night), is the story of three desperate men, one rare coin and a plan to rip it off. Volatile, violent Teach (JOHN LEGUIZAMO - Sexaholix: A Love Story; Freaks; Summer of Sam) schemes and spars with street-savvy junk-shop owner Donny (CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER - Be Cool; Barbershop - making his Broadway debut) eventually enlisting Bobby (HALEY JOEL OSMENT - The Sixth Sense - also making his Broadway debut), a slow-witted, young delinquent, to carry out their robbery. A comedic, banter-fueled heist and a heartbreaking portrait of small-time criminals, AMERICAN BUFFALO's all-star cast is powered by DAVID MAMET's brilliant, rapid-fire dialogue.”

“El Encuentro de Juan Bobo y Pedro Animal – The Encounter” – Teatro Sea

Saturday, November 22

“A comical play about famous offbeat characters from Puerto Rican and Dominican folklore who discover their self-esteem and their friendship.

Dos personajes del folklore puertorriqueño y dominicano que a través de sus travesuras aprenden el valor de la honestidad, el trabajo, y la amistad.”

Tickets: FREE (This is the only free show. Resumes in February for $12.50 to $15)

“Home” – Signature Theater Company/Negro Ensemble Company

As part of their season-long celebration of the Negro Ensemble Company, The Signature Theater Company currently presents Home by Samm-Art Williams, directed by Ron OJ Parson, now through January 4, 2009. All tickets just $20.

“HOME is a wonderfully theatrical tale of one man's struggle to stay true to himself amidst a rapidly changing and turbulent America. Leaving behind his family's farm in North Carolina, Cephus Miles seeks refuge and prosperity in the North. Three actors portray more than twenty-five characters over the course of Cephus's epic journey from adolescence to adulthood, spanning the 1950's through the Vietnam War and Civil Rights eras. The show ran at Broadway's Cort Theatre from 1980 to 1981, and received Tony and Drama Desk Award nominations for Best Play.”

See slide shows of the rehearsals here

“T’was The Night Before Kwanzaa” – Black Spectrum Theater Company

December 10, 13, and 14

Tickets: $10 - $15

“See how African Americans Celebrate Christmas”

“Uncle” – H.A.D.L.E.Y. Players

November 21 to December 14

Uncle is a drama about a Georgia baker trying to get landmark status for the building in which his business is located to avoid being displaced by Urban Renewal. Threatened with eminent domain, Uncle stakes his future on his son’s skill as a lawyer and the civil rights history of the bakery.


(Note: This is a PLAY READING)

Sunday, December 14 @ 3pm

Tickets: FREE

“An exciting new family drama set in contemporary Queens, NY at the home of Korina Davis. her three adult children are visiting to celebrate their eldest brother's release from prison. During the visit, the family is challenged with a life and death situation, which only the power of a mother's love can resolve. Through good times and bad, there is nothing more powerful than a mother's love. Most times you can feel it, chances are you can touch it; hopefully you can see it, you can definitely hear it, but sometimes it is so strong that you can smell it. SMELL THE POWER.”

“The Belly-Ache Opera (La Plenopera Del Empache)” – Teatro Sea/Los Kabayitos Puppet and Children’s Theatre

December 20 @ 3pm

“Puerto Rican children’s theatre classic by Leopoldo Santiago Lavandero. It compiles a good number of Puerto Rican plenas ( Afro-Caribbean music from Puerto Rico) with lyrics that narrate the story of a gulttonous boy and the experience that changed his life.”

Tickets: FREE

“Four Men On a Couch” – Billie Holiday Theatre

Now to December 21, 2008

“Four Men on a Couch is a comedy-drama about three friends dumped by their girlfriends – on the same night – who arrive on the doorstep of another friend whose wife has recently left him with three chairs, a table and a couch.



Tickets: $12 to $23


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